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I offer a range of services from history communication/education, public speaking, organisation of performer(s), fight demonstrations, tutoring and videos about medieval history and education.  If you are looking for help with an event, a way to make your history class more interesting/engaging, assistance with student education or promotion of events, products or services I can help, or find someone who can help. 


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I'm happy to help work with you on your next event or project.

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For as long as I can remember I have loved History.  As a child I loved the stories of historical figures, and medieval fantasy.  At age 15 I joined a re-enactment group, Company of the Phoenix, and was immediately obsessed.  I've loved exploring the past through physical experience, research and recreation.  Trying to understand my ancestors and how they lived.  It's a never ending pursuit into the creation of our culture.


My Wife and I created our business 5 years ago and I began teaching medieval history professionally as an historical edutainer.  Over the past few years this has changed and I am now completing a Bachelor of Education, with a focus on History and Junior Secondary Education so that I can continue making people interested in history.